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Kuraray – Monosol invests in Ujazd (Opolskie Region)

The Japanese company Kuraray announced plans to create a new MonoSol production plant in Poland for the production of polyvinyl alcohol soluble films (PVA). Add : Piotr Regeńczuk | 17.04.2020 Kuraray, Japanese investment in Poland, Ujazd, Special Economic Zon

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Zotefoam will soon start production in Skarbimierz

The Zotefoam plant in Skarbimierz will increase its annual global foam production capacity by 50,000 cubic meters, and the area is large enough to accommodate significant future expansion. After the construction and commissioning in October, the focus is now on preparing the equipment for production. The autoclave is in place with auxiliary devices and work on installation. Commissioning is expected with completion by the end of June 2020. All key technical roles have already been filled, and new engineers divide their working time between Great Britain and Poland. Recruitment is currently underway for production positions. Add : Piotr Regeńczuk | 17.04.2020 investment project, new production, SKarbimierz, invest in Poland

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Pearl Stream grow in Strzelce Opolskie

The Pearl Stream company in Strzelce Opolskie is developing at a good pace, which has transferred part of the production from two plants in Poland and Germany to the plant in Strzelce Opolskie. Preparatory work on production is underway to launch new lines at the beginning of 2019. Add : Piotr Regeńczuk | 04.01.2019 production, export, automotive, production hall

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Dul Radim invest in Prudnik

The Czech company Dul Radim decided to build a plant in Prudnik. The launch of production is planned for June 2020. The plant will be built at Przemysłowa Street Add : Piotr Regeńczuk | 04.01.2019 Dul Radim, production plant, FDI

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Dies & Engineering has opened a plant in Nysa

Another investor in Nysa. Yesterday was another historical day for our town – after many years the motorization finally returned to the FSD. And in a modern form. The company, which will produce molds for the production of car parts for manufacturers from Italy and Germany, has opened its branch in the renovated hall of the former press. Add : Piotr Regeńczuk | 04.01.2019 FDi, Nysa, car production, automotive

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Odra cement factory is building a plant in Nysa.

A symbolic shovel for the construction of the concrete batching plant broke the ground on Monday 25.09.2017 in Radzikowice near Nysa. Add : Piotr Regeńczuk | 19.10.2017 Nysa, new concrete plant, Ground breaking, Radzikowice, Odra Cement plant

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Polaris has built a distribution centre

8 thousand vehicles will fit at the same time in Polaris’ new distribution centre, which was built at Wspólna Street in Opole. The centre started operating in September this year. Add : Piotr Regeńczuk | 19.10.2017 Polaris, Opole, ATV, reinvestment, distribution centre

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Stefanini invest in Opole

Stefanini, a Brazilian company started recruitment for its new office in Opole. First of all, IT skills and knowledge of German are required. Add : Piotr Regeńczuk | 19.10.2017 Stefanini, Opole, Brasil, BSS, BPO, knowledge, German

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Mega sold for Benalu

After the appointment of a new President before summer – Renaud Sueur having replaced André Lebrun as President – BENALU, it has completed the acquisition of MEGA company. Add : Piotr Regeńczuk | 19.10.2017 Belanu, Mega Nysa, Nysa, invest, Opolskie

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Beaulieu invests in Kietrz

Beaulieu International Group, Belgian company specializing in the textile industry, has bought investment areas in Kietrz commune. Add : Piotr Regeńczuk | 19.10.2017 Beaulieu International Group, Belgium, doing business, investment

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Research on investment climate in Poland in 2014

Dear Investors, The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency has launched the next edition of a research on the investment climate in Poland. It will be based on the opinions of companies with foreign capital operating in Poland. Your voice... Add : Migration-PAP | 04.09.2014 aktualności

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TBZ dentysta
Popiela 13
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